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From Under

Here’s a piece I recently completed. It was inked traditionally and painted in photoshop. The original inked drawing is shown above.  The piece was commissioned by a good friend of mine. It was his idea to add the letter to the final. We both thought it made sense to give the sea traveler a reason for going through the turmoil he’s going through. In our minds the letter became that reason. What’s the letter say? Who is it meant for? Where is it going? How far has it traveled? Obviously, the questions don’t need answers, but they’re something to think about as we watch this man struggling through this event.

I always enjoy a good collaboration.

Until next time!



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The Quiet Man

A week ago, I was sitting in my studio planning a new painting. I began to paint gesso on a $125.00 wood panel that I bought from the art store. Mean while, the sun was spilling through my studio door, the birds were chirping, kids were running around having fun and the air smelled fresh. I thought to my self, “Damn, it’s a beautiful day.” I wanted to paint, but I also wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. So, I packed my stuff up in my trusty “Old Lady Cart” and hit the road.

I drew a very rough sketch on the spot. I needed to come up with a fairly simple concept  that could stretch out across a long horizontal wall.

After working on the piece for a short while, I decided to add a subtle pattern in the back ground and additional “loud mouth critters”  to add a little more interest to the scene.

Me working away. It’s starting to come together.

Throughout the few days I painted I often had a few visitors asking me questions and keeping me company.

Here’s the finished painting!

Size does matter! Painting large is such a satisfying experience. I feel like I’m literally living and breathing in the world I’m creating right before my eyes. I heard these little critters every time I looked at them, and  they annoyed me just as much as they annoyed the “Quiet Man”. Actually, the little critters served as a metaphor for how I’ve been feeling about a lot of things now a days, if that makes any sense.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I’m dedicating this wall to my trusty “Old Lady Cart”, because as I was wheeling my supplies back to my studio the wheels gave out almost sending everything to the floor. She did her best to get everything back home.


Thanks for looking!


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