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I was on vacation in California two weeks ago when I received an email from the owner of Trendy Studio asking me to paint his wall during Art Basel Miami, 2010.  This was a conversation that we actually started at last year’s Art Basel, but we didn’t reach an agreement until a few short weeks ago. I immediately thought this would be a great opportunity to show case my work on a large stage, but I was honestly a bit nervous taking on this project by my self seeing the size of the wall. Check it out below.

However, in a moment of clarity, I asked my self, what am I afraid of? After all, it’s just a wall. So, I gladly accepted the challenge. I’m super excited to get started on this. It’ll be a hell of a time!
Trendy Studio is located at 194 NW 24th Street. If you’re in the area stop by and bring me a drink. I’m gonna need it!



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I found a box of gold in my basement! At least a hundred old RECORDS by artists such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to name a few. I put a Louis Armstrong record on my player, sat down on my old beat up easy chair recliner, closed my eyes and listened. History, skill, love and passion with every note played that made it’s way through my ears down to my tapping feet. Rocking back and fourth, I soon followed his quick tempo to a waiting canvas on my easel, began layering color on top of color not skipping a beat until I arrived at this new piece, which I decided to call “Blessings”.

Be well and thanks for looking.


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Brooklyn Canarsie, early to mid 90’s. SOE P2D. A made up name that magically appeared on the walls I passed on my way to school day in and day out. His tags often were followed by cryptic messages that expressed his state of mind at the moment which were sometimes thoughtful and other times completely outrageous. Today, most of his unique tags and throw-ups have long disappeared leaving him a relative unknown in today’s modern graffiti world. Besides these few images in this post, I have no documentation of his work. Only vivid memories that I wish I could take pictures of to share with you. He was a real draftsman with a unique vision that he tapped into early in his life. He was never a model citizen, but I always respected his work in the graffiti arena and out. Thinking about it now, he might have been the first “real” artist I ever met. He was never afraid to just do his thing whether it was right or wrong. Anyway, keep on keeping on SOE P2D, and be safe.

Photo by mrscumbag2u / JOHN F




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