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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m going to be involved in a group show at The Urban Folk Art Gallery located at 101 Smith Street, South Brooklyn on Saturday Oct 29th! Stop by before you go party it UP dressed as ghost, ghouls and pimps for All Hallows Eve! I’ll be showing a piece that’s been trapped in California for the last year and half. (Because I was to cheap to have it shipped back to me.) HA!

See below:

Delivering Despair By David Cooper

POOF! (Puff of magic smoke)

and I’m gone…



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Honestly, its not to often that I get to witness the birth of something fresh straight out the box! That’s why I’m super hyped to share this preview of a new development project by The Cartoon Network. It’s written and drawn by a crazy well minded individual who goes by the name of GHOSTSHRIMP. Check it, and keep your radar’s tuned in.

aaaaaaaaaaand I’M OUT!


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Here’s the final photo of the ping pong paddle I just painted courtesy of Billi Kid.



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Well, here we go again. The good folks over at Public Works Department and Operation Design have come up with yet another super cool project. PONGTOPIA! PONGTOPIA is presented by Brookfield Office Properties, in partnership with SPiN Galactic. A dynamic three-day event combining the sport and art of table tennis with the spirit of charity and education.

Cope2, Cern, Shiro, Joe Iurato and Billi Kid will be painting custom Ping Pong tables. While me and a slew of other artists will be contributing custom Ping Pong paddles.

PONGTOPIA will take place at the Winter Garden at the World Financial Center New York City from November 3rd-5th 2011. The show is curated by Billi Kid.

PONGTOPIA will display the extraordinary custom Ping-Pong tables and paddles. Each piece of table-tennis art will be available for purchase and proceeds will go to support creative programs in selected New York City public schools through Operation Design.

Below are some process shots I took with my IPHONE.

If you didn’t know, I like to work large and if you haven’t noticed, a ping pong paddle is rather small. So, I decided to paint as big as I could on a rather small ping pong paddle. The above sketch was my initial idea that I actually stuck to through out the project. This was a really quick thumbnail sketch. (Literally the size of a thumbnail.)

This is how the paddle looked when I first received it in the mail.

This is how it looked after I painted gesso on it. (I was fresh out of gesso, so I took a trip to the art store and came across a can of Krylon Spray Gesso. I’ve never seen this before, so I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t bad. I think it’ll be real useful in the future when I have to paint odd shaped objects like…I dunno..a ping pong paddle!)

This is how it looked after I painted it. (I’m actually lying. I forgot to take a picture of the paddle at this point. So, I faked it in photoshop. I really suck and progress shots. I always forget to take them as I move forward. Oh well, you get the idea.)

PRESTO! Now this sucker is starting to take shape. Just like magic, I know. Pretty close to the original thumbnail sketch.

Here’s a rough shot of the final paddle, which I’m calling “Game Face” that I took with my IPHONE.

That’s it for now.

end..bye..later..AND I’M OUT!


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