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I was looking through some old work tonight. I came across this sketch that I apparently abandoned for some reason or another. Maybe I’ll try to tackle it again.





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I’m a GIANT HUMONGOUS fan of HISTORY CHANNEL shows like, American Pickers, Pawn Stars and American Restoration. So, I decided to do a tribute piece to the fellas (and gal). Here’s a very rough sketch of the concept I’m hoping to execute. More to come.

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Ian and I met once at a show a few years ago. Since then I’ve been keeping up with him via Facebook. He’s doing some really inspiring work. Check this out:

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I usually spend many a thought on searching for something to say and how to say it in my work.  Admittedly, I try so hard at figuring this out, that I usually get stumped, confused and frustrated. Nothing unusual there for a creative. “Them” seem to be the usual breaks. Recently though, I’ve decided to embrace those feelings of insecurity, doubt, frustration and confusion that seem to be twisting, turning and cart wheeling on my insides. I’m trying to just let go, let my mind wander and let the thoughts stream from my brain to hand in a meditative stream of consciousness. It’s been an interesting process to say the least. Where as before I was confused on where to start, now I’m confused about what I’ve created. Of course this confusion feels more productive since I feel like it’s leading to some kind of discovery.

Hammalawa Saddhatissa Mahathera writes: “There is no ‘self’ that stands at the mentality to which characteristics and events accrue and from which they fall away, leaving it intact at death. The stream of consciousness, flowing through many lives, is as changing as a stream of water. This is the anatta doctrine of Buddhism as concerns the individual being.”

Below is a sketch I did in my sketch book:

Here are some progress shots of the painting:

This is where I’m at now. I’ll post more as I move along.

Happy Friday everyone!

You made it this far. So, get a drink, you deserve it!


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