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Here are rough sketches for a story I’m working on.These ideas will be part of the prologue. Of course, I’m not sure how many pages I will draw, but I’m setting up for a epic tale. The idea of a graphic novel comes into mind, but I think I like the idea of a series better. I’ll see where it goes.  I won’t get into to much detail about the story yet, but it is a story about redemption and finding one self.


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These are some thumb nails I sketched out for a short eight page comic. (I say short, and it will be my longest comic ever. Funny) Anyway, the idea involves a character that I created named “Big Empty”. If your interested, take a look at my notes to see what the concept of the story is. Thanks for looking. (By the way, the Giant in the title doesn’t refer to the Giant from my English Blue story..I guess I just have a thing for giants…)


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Here are my rough pencils for my next English Blue and the Giant Episode. They came out pretty similar to my thumbnails, with exception to some minor tweaking. I plan on reworking a portion of the top panel on the second page. I’m not happy with the three friends on top of the plat form. Once I work that out, I’ll move forward with  lettering and inking the pages. I’m pretty happy with the sequence I came up with, because it doesn’t rely  on any words at all.

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These are some thumbnails I did for my next installment of English Blue And The Giant. I decided to give the Giant a break in this three page comic (my first!), and focus on English Blue and a few of his friends. It’s a short and simple story concentrating on sequence. I wanted each panel to lead into the next smoothly creating a quick paced momentum. I’ll be posting the finished pages on this blog shortly.

Stay tuned!


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