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Since I revisited Episode 1 of English Blue and Giant, I also decided to revisit Episode 2. I added color to the strip and I added an image of The Giant in the first panel. Originally he wasn’t there, so by the time he made his appearance in the third panel, he really seemed to appear out of no where. When I first created this page my friend Ronald Wimberly ,who by the way is a really killer comic book artist, pointed that simple fact out to me. We had a quick discussion about the importance of pacing in comics, which oh so important. Anyway, I think I’m ready to move on to Episode 3. I’m still building on this English Blue and The Giant concept. I’d like it to have the companionship and imagination of a Calvin and Hobbs strip, the sophistication and emotion of a Charlie Brown strip and the action, adventure and epic story telling of a Samurai Jack cartoon. (If that makes any sense.)  Anyway..








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This weekend I revisited this small comic strip I did back in 2009. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE IT) It’s called “English Blue & The Giant”. The original strip was formatted slightly different, was black and white and included dialogue balloons. I’m happy with the over all color palette and the character designs. I decided to remove the dialogue balloons because I thought the pictures were strong enough to tell the story. (I HOPE!) Anyway, it was a fun experiment.


sEe ya!



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I’m re-posting this strip because I made some revisions to it. I changed the last panel on page 2. I decided to draw a long shot in this panel to emphasize the impact of English Blue hitting the ground in the first panel of page 3. I originally had the pages laid out like this in my thumb nails, but I decided to change it at the last minute because I thought it would be more impactful if I showed English Blue breaking the boarder in the last panel of page 2. I also decided to make this panel be silent to really make the picture tell the story. Finally, I added a few details such as clouds and texture in big blank areas to build up the space a little more. There’s one more thing that bothers me technically, but I won’t discuss it because I rather not point it out. Time to move on to the next strip. This is a learning process for me!



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Here’s Episode 3 of English Blue and The Giant. I decided to give the Giant a break in this episode and introduce three of English Blue’s friends. (Who actually remain nameless, so I’m not sure how much of a introduction this is.) For the most part, I’m satisfied with the strip, although I do have some technical issues with it. Besides that, I’m still working on my pacing and my story telling. Until next time!


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