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A recently I did a colloboration with photographer Jeff Harris. The concept was to create images based on various “spirits”. Here’s what we did!

tst_beauty_1304_a_0473_3_FINAL_LOW tst_beauty_1304_a_0416_FINAL_LOW tst_beauty_1304_a_0155_FINAL_LOW

And here are some behind the scenes shots.

IMG_8680_LOW IMG_8708_LOW IMG_8730_LOW

Photography: Jeff Harris

Illustration: David Cooper

Hair: Cindy Adams

Make up: Abby Ballin

Thanks for looking!



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Sophie Blackall


Love this illustration by Sophie Blackall that appears in trains across New York City.Great characters.

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Last week I was “bidding” for a possible TV advertising job. For those of you who don’t know, “bidding” means I was competing with other illustrators for the job. In this case, I was bidding against two other artists. I didn’t get the gig, but I wanted to share the sketches.

Without getting into to much specifics on the project, the idea was to mix “comic book” style illustrations with live action footage of a girl to advertise  BRAND X PRODUCT. Since I was bidding for the job the Art Director asked me to do a sample picture that she could use to pitch my work to the rest of the team.

Both sketches were done in a few short hours. I sent color sketch 2 for consideration.



Thanks for looking!


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I’ve always considered the characters that inhabited my world as ugly little fuckers. With that said, I’m not really the guy that you would normally approach to draw a portrait. Its just never been my thing. Probably because I’ve always struggled with them. That struggle, might’ve come from a slight lack of confidence. It was for these reasons why I decided to take a portrait drawing class a few years ago. Believe it or not, the class actually helped and I got a WHOLE lot better at drawing them. Still though, I hated doing them and never included them in my work. Funny thing though, my job consists of producing photo shoots. Many of these shoots are portraits of celebrities or women who are doing amazing things. We always have to put a lot of thought into these portraits. We begin by researching the subject. We ask our selves: who is this person, what are they interested in, where are they in their lives, what makes them tick and how have they been photographed before? Learning about someone is pretty cool. More specifically, learning about someone to produce a strong portrait of them is even cooler. So, in true “David Cooper slow motion form” I finally thought , I should start doing the same thing for my own work. Why limit myself? Now that that was settled, who the hell should I draw? I took a quick trip to a news stand to take a look at a few magazines. Nicki Minaj was plastered all over most of them. So, Nicki Minaj it was. I read about her new album set to be released sometime in March, “Roman Reloaded”. Knowing the basic history behind this alter ego of hers, a concept came to mind pretty quickly and I ran with it. When I started sketching my idea’s out, I remembered a great photograph I first saw a few years back that Annie Leibowitz took of the White Stripes, which I eventually used as my reference.

Here’s the final illustration. I employed some cheap photoshop tricks for this one, but I’m pretty satisfied with the final product.

This is my original sketch. As I was inking it, I noticed that the hand holding the knife got lost in Roman’s hair. Instead of freaking out, I just kept moving forward thinking hopefully I’ll be able to fix it in photoshop.

BOOM! Fixed in photoshop. I also changed one of arms on the Nicki strapped to the target.


This was my reference shot/inspiration.

Thanks for reading.





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Inspiration has been a bit elusive since the beginning of 2011. Just so you know, “a bit elusive” translates to practically zero, zilch, NADA. So, in the hopes of finding some, I asked my ever creative, beautiful love, Jessica, to give me a random phrase or word that I could riff off of. RIFF OF OFF. Is it just me, or do those three words look funny next to one another? Don’t say it, I know, it’s just me. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. I asked my ever creative, beautiful love, Jessica, to give me a random phrase or word that I could riff off of. As I waited in suspense for her genius to roll off her tongue she said,”OOPSIE.” I repeated after her, “OOPSIE?” And she replied, “Yes.” It wasn’t quite what I expected, but I went with it and had a lot of fun along the way. So, as usual, she was right. DANG IT!

Stay tuned for the finished piece in a few days.

Peace out PiMPs,


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I recently had the opportunity to work on this story for Ser Padres Magazine. My goal was to make the drawings as interesting as possible while complimenting the photo’s and not over whelming them. I had a lot of fun on this job and I’m very happy with the results. Many thanks to the Ser Padres team!

Photography by LEGNA CALDERÓN.


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This is a story I illustrated for Siempre Mujer Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2010 issue. Check out my sketches for this job here.


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