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I wanted to share a few stories from our Oct/Nov 13 issue that we’re really proud of here at Siempre Mujer. I won’t be too wordy about it, so just take a look.




Photography: Jeff Harris

Prop Styling: Mariana Vera For Halley Resources

Stylist: Haymme Marin (Watch Story)



Photography: Tom Corbett

Make up: Griselle Rosario For Ken Barboza

Hair: Jeanie Syfu for ARTMIX BEAUTY

Manicure: Tracylee for Sally Hanson

Re-touching: Edward Caruso




Photography: Brian Doben

Wardrobe: Ellen Silverstein

Hair: Eloise Cheung For WSM

Make Up: Brian Duprey For Judy Casey

Manicure: Titilayo Bankole for Ba-reps.com


Photography: Brian Doben

Hair and Make up: Gregg Hubbard for BA-Reps

Hope you enjoyed it! We think it was a great issue. (We being, Cristy Marrero, Editor In Chief, Stacy Marchelos, Creative Director, Zuania Capo, Executive Editor, Jessica Torres, Associate Life Style and Beauty Editor, Eduardo Garcia, Managing Editor and my self)

I can’t wait to share our up coming Dec/Jan 14 edition, which just so happens to be my 50th issue!!



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Yikes, this is a late post, but here I go.

Every year at Siempre Mujer we have the opportunity to honor some of the most extraordinary Hispanic hair stylist working in the industry today. Each year we focus on different aspects of hair styling. Last year we honored the best hair colorist, while this year we honored those hair stylist that specialize in hair cuts. The honorees were, Marcos Carrasquillo, Elba Rodriguez and Hasblady Guzman. Instead of having each stylist cut the hair of their own individual model, we gave them the challenge of cutting wigs. This way we could show case their cuts on the same model to really highlight their unique styles. Following this plan also gave us the added bonus of being able to donate these freshly cut wigs to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which was a very special honor for all of us here at Siempre Mujer Magazine and our honorees.





The story was written and conceived by Jess Torres.

Photography: Keith Lathrop

Make up: Javier Romero

Jewelry: Ellen Silverstein

Model: Sarah Blessing

Creative Director: Stacy Marchelos

Photo Editor: David Cooper

Thanks for looking,


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Here’s the latest fashion feature from Siempre Mujer’s Aug/Sept 2013 issue. It was shot by Tom Corbett and styled by Ellen Silverstein. This shoot was very special for both Tom and I, so we both worked extra hard to insure a successful production. Including meeting weeks before hand to explore every nook and cranny of our location, which was pretty vast to say the least.  It was during this time that we really formulated the look, feel and pace of the story. For me, it was the first fashion shoot that I ever worked on without a fashion editor, so I had the opportunity to work directly with our wardrobe stylist, Ellen to make the final edit of the clothing that would eventually make it into the feature, which really aided in the narrative that Tom and I wanted to create. In my opinion the shoot was very successful. Tom created a moody, edgy and exciting atmosphere that highlighted the military trend in an explosive way, no pun intended! In the end Stacy Marchelos, Siempre Mujer’s creative director took the story to the next level with a beautiful type treatment for the head line. Our Editor-in-Chief, Cristy Marrero, who thought up the headline “Táctica y Estrategia”, had this to say:

“Táctica y estrategia (Tactic and Strategy) is the name of my all-time-favorite poem written by Uruguayan Mario Benedetti. When I saw the amazing images my art and fashion team shot, and only after recovering from a mind-blowing kind of moment, the verses on this beautiful masterpiece immediately came to me. Being this a military trend inspired story, it just felt like a match made in heaven. Because there is also poetry in fashion…” Cristy Marrero, Editor-in-Chief Siempre Mujer Magazine. 






For a quick look behind the scenes, check out this video  shot by Haymme Marin.

Photography: Tom Corbett

Wardrobe Styling: Ellen Silverstein

Model: Helena with One Model Management

Hair: Eloise Cheung for WSM

Make up: Brian Duprey for Judy Casey

Props: Tara Marino for BA-Reps.com

Creative Director: Stacy Marchelos

Retouching: Edward Caruso 

Thanks for looking!



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The air at the circus is different isn’t it? The slightest thought of it conjures up an excitement in us all, no matter how young or old. This was the case, when Siempre Mujer was given the opportunity to shoot a fashion feature at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. The first step in the process was to actually go to the circus to research the current show, “Dragons”. While watching the performance, visuals immediately rushed into my head that I needed to get down on paper. Those visuals eventually turned into this rough storyboard that I used to pitch my idea’s to the Creative Director(Stacy Marchelos) and Executive Editor (Ursula Carranza). We all agreed on a more classic direction for the story and decided to move forward using the story boards as our guide.


One of the most important factors in putting any story together is picking the right team. For this particular story for photography we used Dider Gault. For wardrobe styling we used Ellen Silverstein. For hair/make up we used Alfred Lester. During the casting I think I saw about thirty models, but we decided on this one, who was beautiful, energetic and she had experience working with animals.

The shoot was a great success, which made the editing process pretty hard for us because there were so many great shots to pick from. Here’s what me, the Creative Director and Executive Editor decided on.





Thanks for looking!

Speak to you soon.


Artist & Photo Editor

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I’m about to write something that’s hard to put into words exactly. I often forget that my day to day job, luckily enough, involves making images. How lucky am I? Everyday I get to work with a dedicated and talented team to produce photographs of aspiration and beauty. From this day forward, I’ll try not to forget that and post these images from time to time here on my blog.

With that said, here’s a fashion feature that I produced for Siempre Mujer Magazine, which appeared in our June/July 2012 issue. Ok, what do I mean by the word “produced” exactly? Well it basically means I organized a kick ass team to produce some killer work. For instance, on this fashion feature I presented the following suggestions to the Editor In Chief, the Creative Director and the Executive Director: Photoshoot location, photographer, hair/make up artist and model. I sometimes also suggest the wardrobe stylist, but for this specific story the Executive Editor new who she wanted to use for the project. Once all of my suggestions are discussed and approved, it’s up to me to get everything in order for our shoot day.  This particular story was shot on location in St. Lucia, so it actually involved a lot of moving parts such as finding a day that everyone could work together, fee’s for the job, setting up fee’s for travel days, contract negotiations, scheduling flights, hotels and transportation for the crew, getting wardrobe and photo equipment through customs and into the country, setting up details with the shoot location, setting up ground transportation on shoot day, and finally setting up lunch and breakfast for the crew. When its all said and done and the shoot is over, I make my initial “selects” to use in the story. (This is where the phrase “photo editor” actually comes into play.) Then, I show my picks to the Creative Director and the Executive Editor to discuss which images we’re going to actually use in the magazine, a decision that we all must agree on. This usually involves a lot of back and fourth between me, the creative director and the executive editor. We have to consider a lot of details such as the over all rhythm of the story, the appearance of the cloths we’re trying to feature, the facial expressions of the model etc. Usually, once the creative director places the images into the layout it’s clear to see what actually works and what doesn’t.

This story in particular was a bit of an adventure, which was scary and accelerating at the same time. To make a long story short, we had a plan set, but once we got to the island we completely veered from it by renting a cab for the day to explore and shoot where ever made the most sense for the story. I thought to myself, “We “ONLY” have about $20 grand riding on this story, let’s just through caution into the wind, and make it up as we go along!” (NOTE: I really wasn’t all that calm about it.) Anyway, I’m glad we made it up as we went along because it actually produced a pretty cool story. Check it out:

For a cool look behind the scenes check out this video by Siempre Mujer’s web editor, Haymme Marin.



Photographer: Didier Gault

Wardrobe Stylist: Ellen Silverstein

Hair and Make up: Bryan Lynde

Creative Director: Stacy Marchelos

Executive Editor: Ursula Carranza

Photo Editor: David Cooper

Digital Tech: Christopher Keller

Photo Assistant: Michael Ellis

Wardrobe Assistant: Lisa Metropolis

Model: I bet you’d like to know, but I can’t say.

Web Editor: (Behind The Scenes Video): Haymme Marin

Carnet Broker: Western Overseas

Location: The Island of St. Lucia and The Morgan Bay Beach Resort

Thanks for reading!


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