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Time has been seriously flying by WAY to fast. We’re half way through the summer and although I’m working on a few projects in my studio, I do believe this is the first finished piece I’ve shown in a few months. Yup, I know, that’s just plain old crazy. Anyway, since I have a email blast scheduled to be released in the next few weeks, I decided to get a new piece done for it.  I’m also planning on unveiling a refreshed website. More to come on that topic soon. In the mean time, take a gander at my process for my newest piece, “Heel Flip”.

Before I put pencil to paper, I decided that I wanted to do a piece with some commercial appeal, since the plan from the beginning was to include this said piece in my next email blast, which will be directed towards potential editorial and ad clients. Oh, I just realized that some of you “might” not know what a email blast is. A email blast is promotion email that goes out to a few thousand potential clients at once, in the hopes of bringing this poor old not so starving artist some work. Now, back to the rambling at hand. Below is my very first initial thumbnail sketch of my concept. (Look, I even included the pencil I used. NOTE: I tried to crop most of it out so you couldn’t see that it was pink. Oh well, as you can see it’s a pink pencil.)

The thumb nail sketch above eventually turned into this rough sketch.

I then enlarged the sketch slightly and traced it onto a piece of arches water color paper and inked it in.

At this point I had no idea what direction I wanted to take the color, so I started playing around with two of the main elements, the skate board and the back ground. I decided to give the back ground color a slight gradient and the skate board a dot texture.

At this point I added the dot texture to the light areas of the sneakers to create some consistency and harmony in the textures used throughout the piece.

I started figuring out the rhythm of the piece at this stage. I liked the color of the skate board so I decided to keep the rest of the colors in the same family establishing a monochromatic color way.  I also added some more texture to the piece over all to try and mimic a silk screen pull.

In keeping with the monochromatic idea I started working the characters in slightly varying hues to pop them from the back ground.

Not sure if you noticed that when I did the original sketch I kept a slight gap between the characters and the clouds where they over lapped. At this point I decided to fill those areas in.

Here I’m tweaking small details in areas like the bottom of the sneakers, shoe laces, the star on the skate board and the skate board wheels to create more contrast.

Here’s the final. I added a new layer of texture at the very end to give the blacks a little more BOOM, BAM, PUNCH! Hope you enjoyed this little diddy. See you next time.



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