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This is a sketch I did for the opener of Siempre Mujer’s Feb/Mar 14, Best Beauty Buys, written by Jess Torres. In this story we featured products that were “reader picked”. Thus, the concept of the prize crane picking the best beauty products out of the pile. Our creative director, Stacy Marchelos placed the sketch into the layout, which I then showed to our photographer, the ever talented,¬†Jeff Harris and our prop stylist, Wendy Schelah.


Here’s the prop she made based on my sketch.

And here’s the story. Much thanks to Jeff, who really breaths life into these idea’s, Stacy’s bold design and of course Wendy who translated my sketch into a real object. I’m in awe of you all.









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I wanted to share a few stories from our Oct/Nov 13 issue that we’re really proud of here at Siempre Mujer. I won’t be too wordy about it, so just take a look.




Photography: Jeff Harris

Prop Styling: Mariana Vera For Halley Resources

Stylist: Haymme Marin (Watch Story)



Photography: Tom Corbett

Make up: Griselle Rosario For Ken Barboza

Hair: Jeanie Syfu for ARTMIX BEAUTY

Manicure: Tracylee for Sally Hanson

Re-touching: Edward Caruso




Photography: Brian Doben

Wardrobe: Ellen Silverstein

Hair: Eloise Cheung For WSM

Make Up: Brian Duprey For Judy Casey

Manicure: Titilayo Bankole for Ba-reps.com


Photography: Brian Doben

Hair and Make up: Gregg Hubbard for BA-Reps

Hope you enjoyed it! We think it was a great issue. (We being, Cristy Marrero, Editor In Chief, Stacy Marchelos, Creative Director, Zuania Capo, Executive Editor, Jessica Torres, Associate Life Style and Beauty Editor, Eduardo Garcia, Managing Editor and my self)

I can’t wait to share our up coming Dec/Jan 14 edition, which just so happens to be my 50th issue!!



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Let them eat cake or cup cakes, it really doesn’t make a matter as long as they, or in this case, “she” makes a mess of it in the most gorgeous of ways. The story was written by Jess Torres, who by the way, is pretty awesome at this sort of thing. The come up with cool creative stories that are seriously fun to shoot kind of thing. The over all concept of the story was a play off of the Seven Deadly Sins. In this case they were referred to as the “Seven Deadly Skin Sins” or “Los 7 Pecados Capitales De La Piel”. The idea was to show this beautiful, unobtainable, bombshell engaging in a series of bad habits that will ultimately harm her flawless skin. Our model Sarah Blessing seriously nailed the character of the story with next to no direction. She just understood it, which made my job a hell of a lot easier. As a matter of fact, the whole crew made my job incredibly simple. Many thanks to Jeff Harris (photographer), Javier Romero (make up artist), Maribel Carrero (hair stylist) and Ariana Salvato, (wardrobe/prop stylist). Anyway, take a gander at the story, it was laid out by Siempre Mujer’s Creative Director Stacy Marchelos.

Writer: Jess Torres

Photography: Jeff Harris

Creative Director: Stacy Marchelos

Photo Editor: David Cooper

Make up: Javier Romero

Hair: Maribel Carrero

Stylist: Ariana Salvato

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Oh, hello. Your back again! How nice. Check this one out. This is a concept I drew up for a perfume story that ran in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Siempre Mujer Magazine. We wanted the image to be mysterious and  empowering at the same time. Once the idea was approved by my Creative Director & Beauty Editor, I discussed the details on how to translate this drawing into a photograph with our photographer, Jeff Harris.

Photography by Jeff Harris. Creative Director: Stacy Marchelos.

BOOM! This is what we came up with.

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