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I snapped this pick of Shiro doing some body art at The Graffiti Gone Global/Art Of Basket Ball Exhibit this weekend during Art Basel 2011.


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Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade checking out my piece, “Twist & Tangle” at this year’s Graffiti Gone Global/Art Of Basket Ball Exhibit during Art Basel 2011. Much thanks to Guerilla Galleries for snapping this shot!

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This month I’ve been busy painting this official NBA Back Board. The back board will be part of a exhibition at Art Basel, called “The Art Of Basketball”, presented by PWD (Public Works Department). Curated by Jim/Karla Murray and Billi Kid.

The back board is made of glass and chrome and weighs over 250lbs. Stay tuned for more process shots and a actual process video.

Thanks for looking!


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I recently produced a photo shoot for Siempre Mujer Magazine, and I couldn’t resist asking our beautiful model to throw on my “Bird Brain” women’s tank top presented by Public Works Department. The photograph was taken by a great photographer named Keith Lathrop.

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