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Last month Rudy Gutierrez asked me to present my work to his FIT Masters Illustration class. I did a slide presentation of my work, but I broke up the time spent sitting in the dark by showing the students actual paintings and drawings. A good technique to keep their and my attention from drifting. I’ve been doing these guest lectures since I graduated from Pratt back in 2000. They usually consist of me showing the students my progression from student to professional illustrator. However, this time around I decided to add in my work as a photo editor in the hopes of showing them another part of my artistic discipline. I’ve always spoken about this part of my career, but this was the first time I actually showed them samples of what I do as a photo editor. I use to avoid showing illustration students this work because I really didn’t think it applied to what they were learning as young illustrators in training. Of course I now realize that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I think the added section to the lecture paid off. They seemed pretty interested and they didn’t fall asleep, which is always a good sign. I also got a good amount of insightful questions. One of which, was,”How do you fit in everything you do with illustration and photo editing into your life?” In the back of my mind I knew this question was going to come up sooner or later, but I was still left speechless for a second or two because I knew my answer wasn’t going to be a great epiphany. So, I repeated the question, which of course is a time tested technique to give your self more time to think. OH THOSE PRECIOUS SECONDS! I can’t remember what I said exactly, but I would say it was loosely based on this statement: “I wake up early, go to bed late and try to live a happy life in between.”  Is there really much more to it than that? Yes, probably, but why complicate things? Do what you love and love what you do. Accept the fact that certain challenges will arise while attempting this, but don’t give into them. Never quit! A beautiful creature in motion stays in motion, so be mindful and never stop.


Here I am, talking junk.


After the lecture I walked around to look at the students work and I came across this drawing one of them made from my painting while I was talking. Not bad at all.

..and I’m out.




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Here’s an excellent review by E.R. Bird of the book “Spirit Seeker: John Coltrane’s Musical Journey” written by Gary Golio and Illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez. I’ve yet to read the book, but I’ve seen several of the paintings in person at Rudy’s last show, they are inspiring and amazing to say the least.


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