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Much thanks to Guerilla Galleries for catching this little moment at the GGG/Art Of Basket Ball Show last Saturday in Miami. This woman is filled with such a inspiring energy. Much respect Shiro.

Dec 6, 2011
Somewhere in Puerto Rico.


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I thought this would be fun to show. Most of the time I make up a lot of my visuals in my paintings, but sometimes I actually shoot reference. Below is the reference I shot of my self for my latest painting “One On One (The Charge!)” I put this composition together really quickly to help plan my layout.

Then I drew this really rough sketch.

Once I was satisfied with the composition, I traced the drawing onto bristol board and inked it. (NOTE: When doing an actual painting this step isn’t so important, however I knew I was also doing this piece digitally, and this is a key step in that process.)

Below is the digital version of this piece.

The second final was painted on an official NBA back board, with a few variations.

Thanks for looking!


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